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Your Thoughts and Words Worth Catching?

Thoughts and Words are Creative as well as Contagious…
Make Sure Yours are Worth Catching

Paul Harvey tells a story of a young artist who had just been engaged to paint a portrait of a local builder.  The artist was so excited, feeling so good, since it was his first major commission.  He went down to his favorite little sidewalk café to enjoy a glass of wine and celebrate the portrait he was to paint.  While he was sitting there sipping his wine, he looked over and saw a newspaper lying in a chair at the next table.  At the top of the front page in bold print were the words “Hard Times are Coming.”  The more he looked at it, the more uptight and worried he became.

The restaurant owner came by in a moment and said, “Shall I get you another glass of wine or something to eat?”  “No,” he said, “just bring me my check.  I must go right now.”  The owner replied, “Is something wrong?”  The artist said, “Hard times are coming, and this is no time for me to be frivolously spending my time and money.  I must get to work.”

The artist left, and the restaurant owner began thinking, “Hard times are coming?”  And the more he thought about it, the more uptight and worried he became.  He picked up the telephone and called his wife and said, “Sweetheart, that new dress you ordered for the annual banquet is awfully expensive for something that you are only going to wear once, I believe hard times are coming, and maybe you should call them and put off the dress for now.”

She reluctantly said, “Well, all right.”  So she called the local dress shop and said, “I know you’ve already ordered the material for my beautiful new dress, but my husband said that hard times are coming and we need to pull in our purse strings and be more frugal.  I am going to have to cancel the dress.”

The proprietor said, “Well, I certainly hate to hear that but I understand.”  The dress shop owner began thinking about it and the more she thought about it, the more uptight and worried she became.  She called her local builder and said, “I understand that hard times are coming.  It’s a bad time for me to be doubling the size of my dress shop.  I can’t take on that type of obligation right now.”

The builder thought about what she had said.  And he picked up the phone and called the young artist.  He said, “Hard time are coming and this is no time for me to be spending money on a portrait.  I’m going to have to cancel it.”

The young artist understood.  It was just what he had anticipated.  Feeling rejected and sorrowful, he went to the sidewalk café to drown his sorrows in a bottle of wine.  As he sat there drinking he looked over in the chair about 10 feet away.  There was the newspaper with the headline that said, “Hard Times are Coming.”  He walked over, picked it up and examined it very closely.  The dateline was ten years old.  Someone had left the old paper there when they are unpacking dishes for the restaurant.  The thought that the headline conveyed had infected the thinking of many leaders of the community.  They began preparing for the worst for no reason at all; except that they left their unfounded negativity create an undesired reality.

As told in The Contented Achiever, Chapter 3:  The Impact of Thoughts, Words, and Actions.

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Judy W Bell

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