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Your Habits – Success or Failure?

Do you have Success Habits or Failure Habits?

Review the lists of Success Habits and Failure Habits below and think about how each one impacts your business and personal success. It is your choice as to which list you join.

Success Habits

  • Action Oriented
  • Time Management = Time Freedom
  • Positive Outlook on life and work
  • Willingness/Openness to people/processes/things
  • Structure and purposeful planning in life and work
  • Effective Communication


The failure habits are listed next.Failure Habits

  • Procrastination/Perfectionism
  • Vague on Time
  • Negative Outlook on life and work
  • Resistance to people/processes/things
  • Chaos in life and work
  • Improper, Vague, or Missing Communication

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Judy W Bell

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