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Write Your Own Pygmalion Script

The Law of Your Expectations

This week we have looked at the principles of the Law of Expectation through the Pygmalion Effect.   We have also looked at the Pygmalion Effect regarding the success of your team in the workplace with you at the helm.

Let us now look at the Pygmalion Effect to write the script of your own life, both personally and professionally.

Four Basic tenets of Self-Expectations:

  1. Expectations are formed (by others and by ourselves)
  2. We communicate our expectations (both formally and informally)
  3. We communicate our expectations (to ourselves and to others)
  4. Expectations become reality (for better or for worse)

Eight Rules and Reminders for Successful Self-Expectations:

  1. You cannot perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you view yourself.  Make sure you envision yourself in a positive manner.
  2. You cannot soar with the eagles if you are scratching around with the turkeys.  Make certain the members of your influence sphere have the kind of life for which you strive.
  3. If your member group has low expectations for you, either raise those expectations or move away from the group.
  4. We teach people how to treat us.  If improvement is not made you must be willing to walk away from the relationship.
  5. Maintain goals and review your list regularly.
  6. Celebrate! Keep a “praise” file of your successes, awards, accomplishments, kudos, etc.
  7. Be prepared.  Work smart and study hard.
  8. Expect the best!

What are your self-expectations?

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Judy W Bell

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