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Women in History… Susan B. Anthony

Most of us have heard of Susan B. Anthony as well as the Susan B. Anthony coin, minted in 1979 in her honor.

“Independence is happiness.” Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was involved in many movements and was a true leader from the very young age of 15.    In 1853, she formed the Women’s State Temperance Society, a group dedicated to alcohol prohibition.   Anthony was involved with the American Anti-Slavery Society, founded the National Woman’s Suffrage Association, and founded Workingwomen’s Central Association.

Many activities and rights that are a “given” in today’s society came to us largely through the work of Susan B. Anthony.  Rights “to work” and rights “to vote” stemmed from work that Ms. Anthony began.

The 19th Amendment (1920) was formerly the Susan B. Anthony amendment/1878.   Upon her death in 1920 this amendment gave women the right to vote.  Her last public words were, “Failure is impossible”, and she lived her life as such.

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Judy W Bell

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