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Women’s History Month- Rosa Parks

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was born and raised in Alabama.  On December 1, 1955, Rosa refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man.  Note:  There was another vacant seat… he just wanted her seat.

The Montgomery, Alabama ordinance required blacks to give up their seats.  For violating this ordinance, Ms. Parks was arrested.  This very act culminated into what we now know as the Civil Rights Movement.    After a 382-day bus company boycott, the Supreme Court ruled that the ordinance under which Ms. Parks was arrested and fined was unlawful.

Many civil rights improvements took place and were predicated upon Ms. Parks standing up against discrimination as well as racial segregation.   She later received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Nonviolent Peace Prize and the Rosa Parks Freedom Award was created in her honor.

In 2011 the bus incident sounds quite far-fetched; however, in pre Civil Rights times, blatant discrimination took place in everyday life.

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Judy W Bell

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