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Why InnerActive Consulting Group?

Before you ask yourself “why” should I engage with InnerActive Consulting Group, let’s look a bit deeper and find out “why” the consulting group chose this name?

First of all, this group had fifteen years of SUCCESS operating as Kaizen Performance Group in Memphis, Tennessee.  With this success came instant name recognition! But branding efforts flushed out the need for a name change since Kaizen could not be branded because another business as well as a quality initiative had previously claimed the Kaizen brand.

So…InnerActive Consulting Group was born.  The consultants here are truly catalysts for change.  And real change begins with “inner” thoughts and beliefs.  Inner thoughts migrate to the outer world in the form of taking action.

Equation:  Thoughts + Actions = Results
Hence:  InnerActive Consulting Group

With over twenty years of business- to- business consulting and B2B selling as well as personal development training, one of InnerActive Consulting Group’s primary principles remains “to work with beliefs to improve both life and work issues.”

…Getting You to the Next Level

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Judy W Bell

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