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Why Change Initiatives Don’t Work

More than half of change initiatives in organizations fail.  Most Fortune 500 executives cite “resistance” as the primary reason for failure.  Studies show:

  • Approximately 30% of reengineering projects are successful
  • Less than 25% of mergers cover the costs of merger
  • Less than 60% of quality improvement efforts are successful
  • 80% of CIOs say “resistance” is the cause of project failures

There are ways to improve these figures. Here are some of my ideas relative to improving these numbers…
A positive way to offset resistance from yourself as well as others is to become familiar with behavioral styles and how each style accepts and adapts to change.


  • Thrive on change
  • Results-driven
  • Embrace quick decisions and change
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Initiate change


  • Aren’t bothered by change
  • Optimistic personality will embrace change if necessary
  • Will look for creative solutions in handling change
  • Will keep others motivated during times of change


  • Will resist change
  • Must have ample time to prepare for change
  • Do not like to be rushed into decision-making
  • Will at best “tolerate” change


  • Concerned with the “effects” of change
  • Cautious
  • Must maintain high standards/perfection
  • Sometimes rigid in thinking

Which description fits you?

Do you see some of your co-workers’ styles?
How about famous personalities?

These are all products of behavioral style and everyone has a style. Their unique pattern of the style elements influence how well a person deals with change. Learn about your natural strengths and weaknesses using a behavioral style assessment tool. Call us if you want more information. 901-757-4434

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Judy W Bell

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