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WHO Are YOU Meant to Be?

Do you know WHO you are?  Do you know WHO you are meant to be?

If not you, then WHO does know?

How many people have you met that seem to coast along?  They do not think anything more deeply than what they will have for lunch or what television show they will watch.  Not that there is anything wrong with either eating or watching television.  But it sure is more enjoyable and meaningful when mindfulness is involved.

Some people go through life without ever thinking about the greater elements of our human existence.  The word– introspective– is not in their vocabulary.  There are worlds of meaning to be discovered.  How can anyone even begin to get bored with life?  So much mindfulness and gratitude is out there just for the taking.

Do you know WHO YOU are meant to be?

If not you, then WHO does know?
– Judy W Bell

A good personal coach can help you uncover the life you are meant to live by being the person you were meant to be.   Let us help facilitate that process.   For more information on our personal coaching program call us at 901-757-4434.

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Judy W Bell

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