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Who are the 10 Most Important People Critical to Your Success?

This is a very important question.  But how many of us think about this and, or even better, work through our answers?  Let us think about who these people might be and how they are involved in our lives.

  • Your spouse or significant other
  • God or your Higher Power
  • Your family
  • Your own self-concept and self-esteem
  • Your manager
  • Your best friend
  • Your spiritual advisor
  • Your peer(s)
  • Your beloved pet(s)
  • Your coworker(s)
  • Your teacher(s)
  • Your mentor(s)

We all know that we cannot succeed in this world without the love, friendship, and assistance from others.   Think about the important people in your life.  You can work this exercise through for the circumference of your whole life or just one aspect such as your career or your family life.

Think about the people who are important to your success.  And remember to thank them!

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Judy W Bell

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