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Who’s Laughing Now???

We should all be laughing now!   YES… YOU!  And laughing each day!   A sad countenance does no one any good.  Not the person with the inner sadness or the people around them.

Health experts say that we need at least twelve good laughs a day to stay healthy.  I am guessing that my office mates would say that I get at least that many “belly laughs” a day.  And I have a raucous laugh.  It is loud and contagious.   And on days when others are not quite so happy, it is probably annoying.    –sorry-

The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”
Mark Twain

Many people were taught that laughing makes one look silly or foolish.  Not so!   If you were raised in a home without laughter then you are subject to living a life out of balance.  If there is no laughter in your workplace, burnout and turnover increases.

Go ahead! Laugh out loud!  Laughter is liberating

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Judy W Bell

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