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Where Is Your Internal Initiative? –aka Intrapreneurship?

We hear a lot about entrepreneurship, but how much have you heard about intrapreneurship? Probably not much since even “spell check” did not recognize the word and wanted to change it to entrepreneurship!

Intrapreneurship is about employees within organizations taking the initiative to undertake new ventures and… without being asked to do so. Intrapreneurship increases exponentially as it relates to employee engagement. This is also known as innovation from within.

What are the outward signs of intrapreneurship?

They are:

  • Increased Creativity
  • State of the Art Innovation
  • Unbridled Motivation
  • Dedication to the company
  • Longer tenure inside company
  • Increased Passion
  • Success!

What drives intrapreneurship?

  • Ethical and trustworthy company and executives
  • Belief in the company’s mission
  • Excellent and open communication lines
  • Buy-in and involvement

What is your company doing to enhance employee innovation?

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Judy W Bell

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