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What is Your Achilles’ Heel?

Achilles was the Greek hero of the Trojan War.   He was completely super human… except for one thing… his heel.   An arrow to the heel killed him.

We all have our own Achilles’ Heel.   Have you thought about what yours is?  What areas of weaknesses do you need growth and support?

Some common human frailties:

  • Lack of empathy
  • Judgmental
  • Always late to meetings and appointments
  • People can not depend on you
  • Holds on to grudges
  • Unkind to others
  • Critical of others
  • Gossip
  • Dishonest:  Big lies and white lies
  • Negative personality
  • Sour personality
  • Complainer
  • Chicken Little:  The sky is FALLING!!
  • Indulges in risky behavior
  • Too competitive
  • Martyr
  • Lazy

The above are components of Low Emotional Intelligence.

What is your Achilles’ Heel?  What are you doing to make it better?

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Judy W Bell

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