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What is the Difference Between Compliance and Ethics?

Speaker:  Dr. Rushworth Kidder, President and Founder, Institute for Global Ethics, New York, NY  (international author and speaker)
Author of Moral Courage and How Good People Make Tough Choices

There is a distinction between compliance and ethics.  Compliance is right versus wrong. Ethics “done right” become “values”. Compliance shades into ethics!

Trust Index:

  • Credibility
  • Respect
  • Fairness

The trust index has nothing to do with the competence of the workers or the pay and benefit structure of the company.

ELSI measurements:

Ethics-Legal-Social Implications

Right versus wrong is not even a 5 second conversation.  It’s easy!

Right versus right is hard.  This is about ethics.

The culture must support ethics and ethics must support the culture.

A company’s culture is shaped by something larger than the sum total of each employee’s parts.

Company culture is driven from the company’s history and past as well as the people of the past.  There has been a change in the business environment.  What worked 20 years ago does not work now.  Compliance and ethics are growing and evolving causing a need to re-focus ad generate new ideas and new directions.  New visions are needed.

Excerpts from notes taken by Judy during Dr. Kidder’s speech, August 2008

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Judy W Bell

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