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What is the Cost of Employee Dis-Engagement?

According to a major research study, approximately $350 billion per year is lost due to employee disengagement. This study closely studied 8,000 employees in a cross-section of industries. The study itself cost $2.3 million and was able to classify workers into six major groups:

  • Detached Contributors:
    15% national average. These people see the value of work for its near-term economic benefit.
  • Stalled Optimists:
    19% national average. For this segment, work is a source of livelihood but not yet (or not currently) a satisfying priority in their lives.
  • Maverick Contributors:
    15% national average. For Maverick Contributors, work is one of the multiple opportunities they have for change and excitement in their lives.
  • Self-Empowered Innovators:
    14% national average. To them, work is about creating something with lasting value beyond themselves.
  • Fair & Square Traditionalists:
    20% national average. Work is about upward mobility- a predictable upward mobile path to success.
  • Accomplished Contributors:
    17% national average. For these people, work is an opportunity to be a valuable part of a winning team.

Guess who holds the major role in establishing and maintaining an engaging workplace?

Managers do!

Next we will look at ways to help ensure your employees are engaged.

If you need to be certain you are hiring highly motivated and engaged people for your company, then look at our Hiring Systems for Human Resourcess site to learn about system designed to improve or top grade your people.

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Judy W Bell

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