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What is the Best Use of Your Time?

Do you know the answer to the question?  If not you, then who?    We all have a tendency to think that our crazy schedules are out of our control.  But are they, really?   Each of us has the same 24 hours in a day.   Right?   And not one person gets more than 24 hours, right?

We must all exercise the discipline to work on those things that have the most importance.   Sometimes you have the discipline…but not the determination…when another person drops something onto your already full plate.  You may also have to learn to say “ NO “.

Here are 6 tips on using your time wisely:

  1. Make sure you have written goals and objectives.  This keeps you on track.
  2. Keep your files, phone numbers, books, and reference materials organized.
  3. FOCUS!    Do not scatter your attention.
  4. Work on projects during times of the day/week/month that you are more productive/creative/focused.   Determine the work quality that is needed for different work projects and then work smart!   If you are more logical in the morning but more creative at night, choose your projects and timeframes accordingly.
  5. Plan.   Plan your work and work your plan.
  6. Be proactive instead of reactive.   Never work on things today or tomorrow that should have and could have been completed last week (month/year).

Be productive, not just busy!

“Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning,

and focused effort.”   Paul J. Meyer

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Judy W Bell

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