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What Is In Your Bank Account?

Steven Covey says that trust is like a bank account… you make both withdrawals and deposits.

In The Speed of Trust, Covey lists 13 behaviors of trust:

The 13 Behaviors of Trust:

  1. Be Honest
  2. Demonstrate Respect
  3. Create Transparency
  4. Right Your Wrongs
  5. Show Loyalty
  6. Deliver Results
  7. Get Better
  8. Confront Reality
  9. Clarify Expectations
  10. Practice Accountability
  11. Listen First
  12. Keep Commitments
  13. Extend Trust

In future posts we will look more closely at the behaviors and principles of trust.

“Low trust taxes, high trust pays dividends.” Stephen Covey

Now… that’s what I want in my bank account! How about you?

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Judy W Bell

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