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What is EQ or Emotional Intelligence?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

EQ is a strong indicator of the level of success one can attain in life, both in the personal and business realms. IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, for many years was the standard indicator of intelligence, and perhaps even thought to be an indicator of success in life. However, the intelligence quotient did not accurately predict success, leading researchers to conclude that a better predictor of success is EQ or Emotional Intelligence. Traditional IQ tests measure raw intelligence, particularly logic, reasoning, language, and mathematics. If IQ measures how smart you are, EQ determines how you use these gifts. Simply stated, life success can be most accurately and measurably predicted by examining both IQ and EQ.

Definition of Emotional Intelligence – EQ

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand emotions, particularly one’s own emotions. “Know thyself”, proclaims the ancient Greek aphorism. Self-awareness and self-regulation are the first two tenets of Emotional Intelligence. To further expand on self-awareness, this competency includes a strong self- confidence as well as the ability to assess one’s value system, belief system, one’s strengths as well as weaknesses. Self-regulation (or self-management) includes self- control, trustworthiness, achievement orientation, and initiative. As you can see the first two competencies are internally driven factors.

Social Awareness

Social Awareness is the next competency on the EQ ladder. This includes the ability to identify another person’s values and emotions in order to have positive inter-personal relationships and outcomes. Social awareness skills include leadership, influence, communication, conflict management, relationship bonds, teamwork, and collaboration. It is often said that social and personal influence and inspiration are the most basic foundations for all of life’s success! Also included within social awareness are competencies of empathy, organizational awareness, and service orientation. The second relationship residing within social awareness is relationship management. This competency allows for one’s interaction with others to be managed in both constructive and positive ways. Am I assisting in the development of others? How many positive relationships and friendships do I have? And more importantly, what is the quality of give and take in these relationships? These competencies are externally driven factors.

As summary for this first excerpt on Emotional Intelligence, EQ is driven from:

1.    Internal factors
·      Self-Awareness
·      Self-Regulation

2.    External factors
·      Social Awareness
·      Relationship awareness/management

For a complete understanding of your Emotional Intelligence, contact us at 901-757-4434 and ask about our Emotional Intelligence test. Then you will know what are your natural strengths and weaknesses.

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