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What Does Employee Engagement Look and Feel Like?

While finishing up this blog series on Employee Engagement, I asked a few of my friends and business associates to think back to a time when they felt “most engaged” in their jobs and to describe the feelings that came back to them.

These are the things I heard the most often…

  • I looked forward to going to work
  • I lost all track of time when I was working
  • My manager paid attention to me
  • My manager believed in me
  • There was trust in our office
  • My work group actually liked each other, we were friends
  • I was learning and growing
  • There was comfortable stress
  • Lots of laughter
  • We had a movie day once a month
  • There were rewards in place for a job well done
  • Creativity was plentiful
  • We were a team
  • I had pride in my work
  • I believed in the company
  • There was a good recognition program in place
  • My work was rewarding
  • I felt that my work mattered

Most of the comments I received had little to do with things of a monetary value. Engagement is mostly about the soft skills that are free. Engagement is an “attitude” that comes from good leadership and management.

Identify and break down the barriers to your company’s employee engagement issues. It won’t cost a lot of money and it there will be a positive return on your energy.

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Judy W Bell

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