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Ways for Embracing Change

Change is difficult even for people who enjoy change.  Many change initiatives fail because education and buy-in are not in place.

Ways to get others to embrace change:

  • Show them the “why” before the “how”
  • Use persuasion instead of force
  • Speak their language.  Use words and terms that speak to their specific style
  • Speak to their auditory/visual style (pictures, text, conversations)
  • Show them what’s in it for them (WIIFM)
  • Engage them in the process
  • Always be honest

Ways to nurture “self” when faced with change:

  • Accept change as a part of life
  • Build simple changes into your life
  • Develop and nurture support relationships in your life (both work and home)
  • Live a balanced life to offset the negative impact of sudden change
  • Change your thinking

Either we manage change or it will manage us.


”Change is good, you go first.”

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Judy W Bell

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