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Want to Make Yourself Indispensable?

Many people think they are indispensable.  Most people are not!     The workforce of today and tomorrow requires skill sets and mind sets that will be instrumental to personal and business success.

Here are 16 creative ways to make you indispensable.  If not to your current employer, to someone else who is looking for new talent.

1.     Never stop learning!

2.     Ability to get along with a broad range of personality types

3.     Teach others by sharing your knowledge

4.     Speak only in positive terms

5.     Build coalitions

6.     Raise your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

7.     Volunteer to assist others

8.     Communicate effectively, timely, and in a positive manner

9.     Look for the good in others

10.   Lose the bad moods… or at least have them privately

11.   Have a smile in your voice


13.  Offer a hand, a shoulder, a solution

14.  Take the initiative

15.  Be aware of positive branding

16.  Know your brand and make sure others know it too

A good personal coach can help you bring out your talents.  Let us help facilitate that process.  For more information on our personal coaching program call us at 901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036.

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Judy W Bell

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