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Do we really think we can multi-task?  Studies are now showing that it is not as effective as we once thought.  Yes, there are things we can accomplish by multi-tasking, but they must be very mundane things.  You might listen to a training recording while opening and sorting junk mail.  But if either task requires your undivided attention to complete, no multi-tasking allowed.

What you can do to accomplish more:

  1. Plan your work and work your plan.
  2. Organize your projects and work according to the time of day you are more energetic, focused, creative, or reflective.  Then plan your work accordingly.
  3. Set your priorities.  Know what’s urgent, important, necessary, or not.
  4. Take care of your mind by taking care of your body.  Eat, rest, play, and love.
  5. Get up early enough to not be rushed.  Get to the office early enough to organize your day ahead of “situations”. Have your desk organized tonight for tomorrow’s schedule.
  6. Set realistic goals and expectations.

Learn to unplug.   Unplug your cell phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. at regular intervals.  Not everything or every person is urgent!  In fact… most things can wait.

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Judy W Bell

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