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Two Prosperity Rules for Effective Networking

Networking is everywhere now!  People use networks to find a job, find a job candidate, swap a house, secure a sale, scout for prospects, and even find a date.

Here are two prosperity rules for effective networking:

1. Focus on the other person

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood,” says Stephen Covey.  This is always good advice.  Instead of a litany of statements all about “me, myself, and I”, we should all take a step back and really, really be interested in the other person.  Ask questions, show genuine concern, offer self, and offer service.  We really only do have one chance to make a  “good” first impression.

2. Offer something of service or value

Networking is more than reciprocity.  Value in networking comes in when you offer something of value (a contact, a phone number, a reference) when you don’t expect anything in return.  Placing the focus on being of service to others sets up a positive exchange of events and ideas.  This positive exchange also follows the Law of Sowing and Reaping, which in-turn will ultimately send reciprocal favors your way.

Look for positive interaction as well as results with these prosperity rules for effective networking.

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Judy W Bell

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