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Top Ten Ways to Dis-Engage Your Workforce

Employee engagement begins at the top of the organization. Every study on employee engagement cites this universal fact. In order to effectively ENGAGE their workforce, leaders must discover what disengages their workforce. Once these barriers to engagement are addressed a company can then instill engagement at all levels of the organization. But it must start at the top. And it must be continually practiced and communicated at the top.

Top of the list dis-engagement practices:

  1. Adopt the “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy
  2. Communicate poorly, infrequently, and in a negative manner
  3. Focus training on hard-skills only
  4. Forget about company vision and mission. It’s not important.
  5. Criticize publicly
  6. “Catch” people doing things wrong
  7. Discourage teamwork
  8. Have departments set up in “silo” style
  9. Be a “nay-sayer” to new ideas
  10. Allow non-performers and nay-sayers to remain on the payroll

Review the list and reflect on the bad practices listed above. Once you have determined the practices that are getting in the way of your company’s employee engagement it is now important and absolutely necessary to address each obstacle you find. One-by-one you can remove the barriers and set the tone for complete employee engagement.

Next we will look at best practices to adopt.

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Judy W Bell

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