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Think Ethic$ Training is Expen$ive?

Try not training for Ethic$!  That is where the large dollar$ come into play.

With each corporate or government scandal come more cries for oversight and transparency.  The only way to make these values become a reality is to hold companies and individuals responsible for misconduct and violation of laws.

And if one of your employees breaks a Federal law, your company can be impacted by FSG, which is the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.    To violate FSG, your company may be a privately held company or a publicly held company.   Violations of this law apply across the board to corporations, partnerships, nonprofit entities, and government, etc.   In other words, no one should stick his or her head in the sand.

If you are a publicly traded company you also have Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), in which to comply.  The list of regulatory controls is endless.  And so are the financial fines and sentencing for offenders.  Offenders may be an executive, an employee, and/or the corporation itself.

Written policies are not enough.  Enron had what is still considered the best code of conduct policies ever written.  What Enron did not have was enforcement of those policies.  Lack of thorough training, understanding, and enforcement brought an industry leader down and toppled economies and retirement plans.

Let us help write or review your ethics policies.  We can also deliver your Ethics training.  We would like to be your Ethics Partner!   For more information call 901-757-4434.

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Judy W Bell

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