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The Red Fire Hydrant …

or How to Focus While Letting Your Mind Wander

All you would-be writers out there!   As you begin writing you will have times when you have the perfect word or idea in your head but your hands just will not type them for you.  What’s a writer to do?

I write business blogs.  Most weeks I write between 5 and 10 blogs.  Most of the time my fingers hum along the laptop much as a pianist plays a concerto.  Sometimes, though, the right word does not come.  It is usually a familiar word and is on the tip of my mind (or fingertips), but the word eludes me.

Two weeks ago the business complex painted the fire hydrant outside the adjacent office building a bright red.  Actually, I did not even realize there was a fire hydrant out there until I saw them painting it.

Now the red fire hydrant is my “focus point.”   When I catch myself stuck on a thought or a word now I just look out my window to the left and a quick glance at the red fire hydrant frees my mind from the computer screen and gives me a breath of creativity at the same time.

Blog writers… find your “focus point.”

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Judy W Bell

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