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The Pygmalion Effect at Work

Are You Setting Your Team UP for Success?

It is no accident that good leaders have the highest performing departments.  Good teams are not happenstance.  Rather, good leaders build good teams.  Even better…great leaders build great teams.

High-performance employees work for high-expectation managers!  That’s right; the higher expectation a boss has of his workers, the higher the performance of his/her staff.  The Pygmalion Effect is an age-old phenomenon in which it is shown that our performance is that of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If a boss considers his employees to be smart and productive, that is almost always the type of performance the boss will witness.  If a boss believes his employees to be lazy and non-committal at work, this is the performance that will almost always be present in his workers.  Employees will live “up to” or “down to” your expectations.

10 Behaviors of a High-Expectation Leader:

  • Assign meaningful and challenging work assignments
  • Give verbal encouragement and support
  • Use positive reinforcement for behavior/performance you want repeated
  • Help employees establish meaningful goals
  • Provide timely and positive feedback
  • Spend ample time and energy with your employees
  • Provide coaching in areas that need improvement
  • Be sure to add a dose of praise on a regular basis
  • Engage their input for new ideas and suggestions
  • Let them know that you care

High-Expectation leaders do have High-Performance Teams.   Make sure your team is performing to the highest standards!  And remember, YOU set the tone.  If you are ready to take your leadership to the next level, let us help you with Executive Coaching.  Please call 901-757-4434 for more information.

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Judy W Bell

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