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Do you Perfect Something Until it’s a Perfect Disaster?

Psychologists consider perfectionism to be an obsessive personality type. Perfectionists set unreasonable and unrealistic standards to which neither he nor others can possibly meet.

Many perfectionists are crippled by their thinking. In the quest to be perfect and “do” perfect, the paralysis sets in. We have all heard the phrase, “Paralysis by Analysis.” Most perfection is neither measurable nor unattainable.

Perfection is not to be confused with high-achievement. High achievers are busy people who are busy making things happen. Perfectionists get stalled out trying to make things, well…. perfect.

Perfectionism is a self-defeating behavior. And the self-defeating behavior leads to stress and low productivity as well as lower levels of happiness. Are you at risk? Take the quiz below.

Take the Perfectionist Quiz: (

“A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault.”
~John Henry Newman

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Judy W Bell

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