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The NEW Prosperity Plan

The recession hit long and hard.   By economic definitions the recession ended many months ago.  But by real-life definition, most people believe it still lingers.  My business background, centered solely in the “people” business, has been nagging at me quietly (sometimes not so quietly) that business will never be the same.   Heck… LIFE will never be the same.   But I’m beginning to realize that change is good if we embrace it rather than let it plow us down.

I’ve been saying for three years that the recession has not only been about jobs and finances, but about what we define as success.   My friends and colleagues have all heard me say (preach!) that the recession hit most of us to our very being… our DNA.    Most business professionals predict that as soon as the economy has some stabilizing positive news, employees will be changing jobs by the droves.   My predictions have been even deeper.   I believe our values have been completely redefined.   Most of us are undergoing a metamorphosis.   And that can be a good thing.

I read a blog today titled, “The Call for a New Currency,” by Laura Berman Fortgang.   In her brief blog she succinctly summarized my beliefs and predictions in a way that resonated for me.  She says,

“There is a huge shift happening in the evolution of human consciousness.”

She goes on to say, “Whether this is showing up as desperation or something surging within you, one thing is certain:  global economic changes are forcing us to embrace a new way of building our lives and financial security.  The old ways guaranteed by hard work, fitting in, and loyalty are no longer enough to ensure your career and give peace of mind about the future.  We need a new currency that requires a rewiring of our minds and of our beliefs about how prosperity works.”

Boom!   Did that hit you right between the eyes?   Especially her last sentence?  I believe the recession as well as the root causes leading up to the recession did – in fact – begin the rewiring of our minds.  The next stage is up to us to make sure that the rewiring takes hold and takes effect.

Ms. Fortgang’s new book, “The Prosperity Plan”, was just released today.   I ordered my copy as soon as I finished reading her blog

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Judy W Bell

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