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The Bottom of the Barrel of Dis-Engaged Employees

Most organizational studies report that a great number of employees are not fully engaged in their work.  The Gallup organization has reported that 71 of 100 people are not fully engaged with their work and that 17 of this 71 are actually “actively disengaged”.   These 17 actually work to make things worse.  Oh my!

There are two groups of disengaged employees and I love the names that have been chosen by Sam Parker.   He calls them:

  • D-Grunts-   disgruntled people
  • Gomos-   people who go through the motions

Who do these two groups of people negatively affect?    Everyone!

They affect:

  • Your A Players
  • Your B Players
  • All other employees (including themselves)
  • Your profits
  • Your customers
  • Your turnover
  • Your company’s survival
  • Your own time and energy

The effective leader will address the D-Grunts and the Gomos.   What plans are you now making?

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Judy W Bell

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