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The Art of Effective Networking

This blog comes to you after I read a quote this morning:

“Being a promiscuous networker who collects cards without relationships is a dead-end.”   Pam Lassiter

What a great way of saying that networking “effectively” means developing meaningful relationships!   Let’s look at the meaning of the word, promiscuous.   We all have our own notions and memories of what the word means from lectures and horror stories in high school.

pro·mis·cu·ous (pr-msky-s)

  1. Having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.
  2. Lacking standards of selection; indiscriminate.
  3. Casual; random.
  4. Consisting of diverse, unrelated parts

Remember the connotation of the word?   Fast-forward to being a mature professional and we continue to want to avoid the “perception” of the word relative to our business and community relationships.

How do we avoid being a promiscuous, i.e. indiscriminate networker?

First and foremost…

Be a servant leader. Reach out to help others first for completely unselfish reasons.  Serving others rewards us in countless ways.

Meaningful relationships mean not only a meaningful life, but come with the added bonus of an effective network on many levels.

Make sure your relationships count for something

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Judy W Bell

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