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The Art of Conversation

Conversation is the way we express thoughts and feelings.  It is also how we bring dreams and ideas into being.  We first start with an idea, then we share the idea, then we brainstorm on how to bring the idea into fruition, and it then takes conversation… or communication… to make the idea into a product or service for others.

The art of conversation is a skill that successful people have mastered.   Those who seem to effortlessly converse with others about a wide variety of topics are the ones tapped for executive and leadership positions both in the community and in business.  Good conversational skills also assist in forming positive relationships as well as help strengthen existing relationships.

Mastering the art of conversation takes practice but is not as difficult as some people imagine.  Conversation is not just talking.  Conversation is an interactive skill that encompasses both listening and speaking.  Additionally, conversation includes body language… both your body language as well as paying attention to that of your conversation partner.

In future posts this week we will look at ways to master the art of conversation as well as things to avoid.   Mastering the art of conversation is a success habit from which everyone can benefit.

“A single conversation across the table with a wise person is worth a month’s study of books” – Chinese Proverb

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Judy W Bell

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