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Terms of Endearment…er, I mean Rules of Engagement

We have looked at the top ten ways in which to dis-engage workers. Today let’s look at the Top Ten Ways to Engage Your Workforce! As stated earlier, employee engagement begins at the top of the organization. Once a company removes the barriers to employee engagement, the fun and productivity begins!

Top 10 Way to Engage Your Workforce

  1. Make sure your top leaders “walk the talk” on engagement
  2. Communicate openly, often, and in a positive manner
  3. Focus on soft-skills training
  4. Map out the company’s vision and mission statement. Make sure you refer to these in everything you do. Communicate, speak to, and train to the vision and mission regularly.
  5. Praise in public, correct performance in private
  6. “Catch” people doing things RIGHT
  7. Encourage teamwork. There is no “I” in TEAM.
  8. Break down “silo” departments. Everyone should be working toward a common mission.
  9. Be open to new ideas
  10. Make sure non-performance and bad performance are addressed. Strive for A-Players on your teams. A-Players are demotivated by C-Players.

Remember, top managers hold the major key in developing an engaged workforce. The Human Resources team can help you accomplish this, or a good Organizational Development Consultant can assist you. But the buck stops- or starts- with an engaged management team!

InnerActive Consulting Group has experienced OD coaches who can help assist your management team or business owner in removing toxicity from your workplace and replacing this with the best practices of Employee Engagement. Let us help you make the all-important switch. Call us at 901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036 for more information. Getting you to the next level…

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Judy W Bell

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