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Do You Know Your Dirty Thirty?

Life is good.  So is work…mostly.  Most people will agree that working is good for you.   Work- for most people- means much more than our daily bread.   But even for people who absolutely LOVE their job, there will be portions of the job that are just not so great.   Studies show that for the average worker, the following statistics apply:

  • 30% of our job duties: we very much enjoy
  • 40% of our job duties:  are “ok”
  • 30% of our job duties:  are our Dirty Thirty

The “Dirty Thirty” are the parts of our job…and every job has them… that we don’t enjoy doing and the reasons for this are many.

What is the Best Use of Your Time?

Do you know the answer to the question?  If not you, then who?    We all have a tendency to think that our crazy schedules are out of our control.  But are they, really?   Each of us has the same 24 hours in a day.   Right?   And not one person gets more than 24 hours, right?

We must all exercise the discipline to work on those things that have the most importance.   Sometimes you have the discipline…but not the determination…when another person drops something onto your already full plate.  You may also have to learn to say “ NO “.