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Stop Wasting Money on Marketing!

Okay, before you have a heart attack, let me me explain my position on this topic.

Yes, you will need to market you product and services, however, of all your ad and marketing dollars spent – Do You Know If You Are Getting a Return on Your Investment? Even the great marketing & advertising executive, David Ogilvy stated “50% of Advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%.

The issue is not if marketing & advertising works, it is really a question of what type of Marketing works for you and your business?

Voss Graham Certified as a Growth Curve Strategist



EEOC and OFCCP-compliant assessment company distinguishes Voss W Graham with Growth Curve certification

Memphis, TN – February 10, 2013 – TTI Performance Systems, the world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessments has designated Voss W Graham of InnerActive Consulting Group Inc. a Certified Professional Growth Curve Strategist on February 1, 2013.

With this certification, Voss Graham is qualified to perform an X-Ray to determine a company’s current stage of growth; critically assess a company’s past, present and future to get CEOs focused on the right things at the right time; and identify the hidden agents – defined as 27 Challenges – that are impacting the company’s ability to grow, and develop a plan to solve those issues.

Job Matching is NOT a Dating Service – Maybe it Should Be

I know this is an off beat title for a business service, yet, to me it hits the right nerve for getting people to think about the hiring process.

Dating services are unique and a little mysterious for anyone who has not used one (like me). The principles they use is to MATCH people to improve the probabilities of a long term relationship. Actually, that sounds like a very good purpose when you look around at all the unhappy relationships and bad marriages.

In the world of business, the dating game is expanded to both finding excellent talent for your organization and finding prospects and customers who match your ideal customer profile for excellent business relationships.

Today, I want to focus upon the Job Matching function for hiring and selection of superior talent.

Questions for Expanding the Execution of Your Vision

Continuing our theme from yesterday, let’s look at a number of questions to use with yourself and the key stakeholders who will be responsible for executing your vision.

Your vision will need to have buy-in and engagement of others to it to become a reality. Therefore, it will be important to get the stakeholders involved early in the process to improve the probability of successful execution.

Here are Twelve Questions for Engaging Your Key Stakeholders…

Questions to Ask When Creating Your Future Vision

Just reflecting on what has been happening to our businesses over the past three years. Seems our world has turned either upside down or is significantly tilted to one side. Therefore, I would say it is time to review what we see as our future.

With all the changes, there are probably “new” norms as to how the world is operating today. So, again, more thought and reflection is required before making any definitive moves or decisions.

So what do you need to do first? You must ask some serious questions and using an open mind with out any limitations – answer the questions honestly and straight forwardly. In fact, I would say think about getting a group of key stakeholders together and have this question and answer session facilitated for total engagement of everyone involved.

Customer Service or Experience – What does it matter?

For a few years now people have been talking about the Starbucks domination of the coffee market. And, the CEO and other Guru’s of the Business World have stated the difference is in the Starbucks Experience. And, while I personally prefer my select coffee beans, I can not argue with the success this company has had over the years.

You will very seldom find an empty Starbucks outlet (Okay, smarter I heard that and I know no one is there when the store is closed. 🙂 ) so they must be doing something right. And, that is the truth. Like Apple Inc , Starbucks have loyal customers who keep coming back everyday of the week.

So, what does it mean to have loyal customers?

Seems to mean a lot, that is if you like making money consistently.

So to support his emotional claim, I looked for some research into the numbers and data showing if there was a difference between ordinary customer service (reactive) and developing Loyalty from your customers. And, the research data does show it is very important to your bottom line to get this customer loyalty stuff right.

Life Lessons for an Improved Standard of Living Life

Having one of those thoughtful moments about the quality of people in our world today. I have read Brian Tracy’s wonderful book – “Something For Nothing” which I believe was one of his best works of writing. Maybe because knowing Brian as I do, he was very authentic in sharing his thoughts and ideas in this book.

But back to the purpose of this writing – Life Lessons for an Improved Standard of Living Life. While my thoughts have moved past the initial thoughts of relating Standard of Living to a certain amount of money or income level – my focus is upon the idea of Living Life well.

There are numerous ways to relate the Living Life agenda – and yes, some want to focus upon money or income as they measuring stick. However, I would prefer to take it the level of choices we make – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The choices we make create our world of reality.

So let’s look at three specific Life Lessons as we think about how these impact the choices we make.

When Thinking Outside the Box – Whose Box?

Interesting thing happened last week as a client was reflecting upon how much they wanted to “Think Outside the Box.”

Now, normally when I hear this statement I get all excited about doing something new and out of the ordinary. To take a risk – a calculated risk for sure – and find new ways to do things. These new things or ways should lead to differentiation and greater results.

Well, a funny thing happened along the path to working outside the box. I felt resistance to a number of ideas and thoughts about ways to change how things were being done. I was excited as the visions of significant improvements and greater results were dancing in my head (I know it sounds like I’m talking about Christmas – sorry!) Then I began to truly listen to the blocks and comments about the new ideas – which were not coming from the originator of the statement – Thinking Outside the Box.

I realized we were still playing in their Box rather than another Box where the ideas were flowing rapidly.