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A Call for Authenticity

We can all do our part.I can across this quote today and it made me realize the wisdom of the words.

“Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.”

– Coco Chanel

How true! With the economic uncertainty of the last few years, it seems that more people are calling for authenticity. Authenticity in business, government, community, relationships, etc.

The NEW Prosperity Plan

The recession hit long and hard.   By economic definitions the recession ended many months ago.  But by real-life definition, most people believe it still lingers.  My business background, centered solely in the “people” business, has been nagging at me quietly (sometimes not so quietly) that business will never be the same.   Heck… LIFE will never be the same.   But I’m beginning to realize that change is good if we embrace it rather than let it plow us down.

I’ve been saying for three years that the recession has not only been about jobs and finances, but about what we define as success.   My friends and colleagues have all heard me say (preach!) that the recession hit most of us to our very being… our DNA.    Most business professionals predict that as soon as the economy has some stabilizing positive news, employees will be changing jobs by the droves.   My predictions have been even deeper.   I believe our values have been completely redefined.   Most of us are undergoing a metamorphosis.   And that can be a good thing.

Career Versus Personal Life?

We often think that in order to have a successful career, one must be willing to sacrifice a satisfying personal life.  Not so.

We do not have to deny our personal selves when living in the corporate setting.  Career commitment can co-exist with a strong family life and sense of self.  We do spend more time at the office than we are afforded at home but careful scheduling can enable us to balance career and personal life.

Some things to think about…

Let your Values Speak FOR Something…

It is more Emotionally Intelligent (and Healthy)

We all have things about which we feel very strongly.  It may be our political affiliation, our religious beliefs (or not), or the state of the economy.  Having passionate beliefs and feelings are normal and healthy behavior.  However, expressing them in a loud or disrespectful manner is neither healthy nor emotionally intelligent.

It becomes an unhealthy pattern for us is when we concentrate on what we don’t value instead of what we do value.  Just this small switch in perspective can make a huge change in our daily lives.  When we focus on what we “don’t like”, our energy is simply not being used wisely.