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Objectivity in a Subjective World

In this subjective world where everyone has an opinion or position, how do you capture the consensus of the group? Most organizations use the subjective methods of “gut feel” or the SWAG method of determining what is going in within the organization. However, I believe there is another way that is more meaningful. Use assessments to bring objectivity to our world view.

Assessments can bring an objectivity factor to the discussions of what is making this group function? What are the Strengths and what are the shortcomings? Again, assessments to the rescue. This process can bring clear and accurate trends to the table for discussion and action commitments.

I have seen the results of an organizational survey open the eyes of key executives who had different and subjective opinions about the quality of their leadership – and get a good dose of reality. They were able to take this information and use it to communicate actions that were meaningful to their people – who in turn responded with positive actions that lead to positive results.

I have seen executives get feedback from their teams regarding specific performance issues using 360’s or specialty reports regarding the team dynamics. This feedback is used in an objective manner to influence the quality of future decisions and actions.

Assessments work for the good of an organization or group. Get an advantage through the use of assessments that give insight and understanding into what makes an organization work well. What strengths are we using well and what areas need to have a reality check regarding performance.

Performance Management needs objectivity to work properly. Assessments is one tool that should be used to uncover performance matrix and standards. Assessments can also tell us if our strategy is working for our team members. Again, objectivity is needed in a world full of opinions, ideas and assumptions. Clear the air and get the facts.

If you have any questions regarding the proper use of assessments in your organization, please contact us at 901-757-4434. We have over 20 years of experience in assisting organizations and individuals in the use of assessments and how to use the data to improve the quality of performance.

What is Human Potential?

A few years a good client and friend posed an interesting question to me – What is Human Potential? He stated that he had been hearing this term for years and was truly troubled by his lack of a good answer. We began a dialogue and more questions than answers about the concept of human potential – What does it mean? How do you measure it? How do you know if someone has potential? How can you tell if someone has used up all their potential? What is Maximum Potential? These questions opened our minds to real issues facing managers concerning both hiring/selection of talent and how to develop your existing talent.

So back to the original question – What is Human Potential? I believe that the answer lies within the total capabilities a person possesses and how easy is it for a person to tap into this “reservoir of talent” within. This is both the answer and the problem. How do we know that someone possesses capabilities? And how do we know if they are capable of tapping into their talent potential?

To uncover human talent potential, assessments become a primary tool for tool for showing this information. There are several tools or assessments on the market that show a person’s behavior, personality and motivators. There is only one to my knowledge that uncovers potential. We use this assessment to uncover the both the potential a person possesses and how well they are using it today.

This tool gives us an accurate idea of the cognitive potential and where the individual places emphasis regarding thought and decisions. It tells us things about an individuals approach to People, Processes and Systems. It farther separate the outward or external thoughts from the inward or internal thoughts.

Using this information we can determine how well a person developed balance of thought – the ultimate good thing regarding leadership. It also covers the source of how an individual receives mental value and what it means to their performance. It has also uncovered situations where a person could be unstable in their thoughts and actions. A disaster waiting to happen if you please! The key is not have the disaster happen on your watch.

Most importantly, this assessment tool uncovers the truly high performer. The one that will take the organization to the next level of performance. When the high performer is identified, you have the ability to insure an environment that releases this energy into the organization. The only limiting factor for these people is an environment that refuses to allow high performers to excel. Micro management or restrictions (usually due to fear) placed upon high performers does not work – unless your goal is to run the high performer away from the organization. True high performers look for organizations that allow them to excel and use their strengths to win the competitive advantages that excellent talent begins to the table.

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