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Final Thoughts on Trust: Truth…Truthful…Truthiness

We have looked at the importance of trust in our working relationships this week, as well as ways to build and rebuild trust once it has been damaged or lost.  Honesty and Truth are facets of moral character that also include virtues such as integrity and truthfulness.   Opposite of these values are the actions of lying, cheating, and stealing.

Honesty and truthfulness are considered to be the most important elements of trust.  Truth is universally respected by even the untruthful! When a person tells a lie he will protest that he is telling the truth, an admission to self that “Honesty is King”.  Lying is also considered to be cowardly.  It has been said,  “that truth, alone, may not constitute a great man, but it is the most important element of great character.”

Ethics and 6 Words You Need to Know

In how many ways can we refer to ethics?  Keeping ethics in the forefront of our lives and businesses does help keep it alive.  And keeping ethics alive in today’s times is both important and noble.  How many Ponzi schemes have been uncovered in the last few years?   Worse still, how many have yet to be uncovered?  How often can regulators turn their heads away from irregular transactions and unethical behavior before our financial ecosystem completely collapses?

Let’s take a look at some of the words associated with ethics: