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Likeability… You Go First

I have read several blogs lately on a variety of topics such as:

  • Trust
  • Credibility
  • Likeability
  • Collaboration

All had the same familiar theme… in order to “up” the ante for you, you must up the ante for others.  One of the blogs was a book review of “Enchantment,” by Guy Kawasaki. Kawasaki says there are two types of people in the world:

Employee Engagement: Relationship Between Employee and Job

In our last post we looked at what “A Great Place to Work” calls the essential ingredient to workplace relationships between employee and employer… TRUST.

According to their model, trust is composed of three dimensions:  Credibility, Respect, and Fairness. Our last post delved into the components of these ingredients.

“A Great Place to Work” further states that there are an additional two dimensions relative to the relationships between employee and job.  Think about that… between the employee (animate) and the job (inanimate??)   Pretty profound!

Employee Engagement: Looking at the 3 Dimensions of Trust

I found the best information today from “A Great Place to Work.”      The company states that “trust” is the essential ingredient for workplace relationships between employee and employer.   Makes sense!   According to their model, trust is composed of three dimensions:  Credibility, Respect, and Fairness.

More on Trust… From Character Trait to Competency

Stephen Covey has written unending books and papers on trust and very few people can touch his wisdom when it comes to discussing, understanding, and engaging trust.

Covey believes that the first job of a leader is to extend trust and to inspire trust.  Whew!   How many people can deliver this easily?

An interesting way to look at trust is to look first at the character trait and then to the competency that is gleaned from the trait.

Are You a People Repellent?

Do you enjoy being around people?   Do people enjoy being around you?

Many people come and go – in and out of our lives- and often times we don’t realize who may be gone for good until we wake up one day and find that we have only a few acquaintances remaining.  Unfortunately, unlike true friends, our acquaintances and business associates will keep moving away from us if the chemistry no longer works.   The people we used to laugh with and enjoy an occasional lunch with can slowly or even abruptly slip away from us with no warning at all.

Does Your Brand Create Trust?

People have brands. Companies have brands, both for products and as an employer. Even countries have brands. So what is a brand?

According to Wikipedia: Brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business. The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity – it affects the personality of a product, company or service.

Stephen Covey lists 4 cores of credibility for organizations: