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The Importance of Building Trust

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.”

– Lao Tzu

Trust is the foundation of all great relationships, whether personal or professional.  Many people have a keen awareness of how another person feels, so if your words, actions, or energy says that you don’t trust them, it is likely they will not trust you.

There are effective ways to build trust into your relationships.  This starts with YOU!

Are You Maximizing Your Publicity Today?

Yes, the question is “Are you Maximizing Your Publicity Today?” These economic times require more creative, yet, consistent publicity than ever before. There are several reasons for this importance in today’s economic downturn.

First, business people and consumers are very tired of the advertising world  – you know the one that interrupts everything we are doing to “pitch” their message. People are being bombarded by more commercial messages than ever before. This has lead to a desensitizing or a lack of attention to these commercial messages.

What is the Purpose of Marketing?

This question seems to lead to the holy grail of answers. In fact, I have heard so many answers regarding what is the purpose of marketing, that I thought it is now my turn. Okay, here is my definition of the purpose of marketing:

To be on the Mind of the Prospect or Customer when the Prospect is ready to buy!

I believe that being top of mind when the customer/prospect is ready to take action is the most important thing we can do. To execute a marketing campaign that keeps us on the mind of a prospect is the goal of successful organizations.

So why is a marketing campaign important? One word – Relationship! We must develop a good relationship with the prospect so they will acknowledge us and our solution at the time of taking action. To often, we use a hit and miss strategy of touching our clients, customers and prospects. Or worst, we only contact them when we are trying to sell them something. This is an old school mindset and no longer works with today’s customers and prospects.

So what is the best method? To show our experience and expertise in solving problems that the prospect or customer can relate to for their peace of mind. The key for success in Marketing Campaigns is to develop TRUST. Trust plus the shown ability to solve their problems ensures their interest in you – at the exact moment they are ready to take action. So remember to use marketing campaigns that share information, show successful case studies and “how-to” white papers. This builds the trust for a long term relationship.