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Time Management is All About Your Choices

Hardly a week goes by without someone asking or telling me about Time Management issues. Sometimes it is their personal time management issues and other times it has to do with their respective team members. Yet, most people feel Time Management is all about some hard skills or techniques – we are supposed to use everyday.

Thus, the continuous call for Time Management  workshops or how to manage our time better.

Hey, the truth is Time Management is All About Choices. Yes, the choices you make everyday and basically every minute of your day determines your use of the precious time available to you. Now, it is truth in the business world others do take control of your calendar quite often – mostly for meetings rather than actual results oriented actions.

You can take back control of your life – time management – by reviewing your answers to seven simple and straight forward questions. The key is to REVIEW Your Answers and Responses to the questions for insights into how to become more effective and productive – every day.

What is the Best Use of Your Time?

Do you know the answer to the question?  If not you, then who?    We all have a tendency to think that our crazy schedules are out of our control.  But are they, really?   Each of us has the same 24 hours in a day.   Right?   And not one person gets more than 24 hours, right?

We must all exercise the discipline to work on those things that have the most importance.   Sometimes you have the discipline…but not the determination…when another person drops something onto your already full plate.  You may also have to learn to say “ NO “.

Your Appointment Book is Your Creed…

What You Believe In You Have Time For

Do you know what your priorities are? Look at your appointment book, aka I-Pod, Blackberry, Day-Timer. The constant scribbles in the lines are your priorities. Most of the time the slots between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. are going to be work-related appointments.

What about the evening hours…


Do we really think we can multi-task?  Studies are now showing that it is not as effective as we once thought.  Yes, there are things we can accomplish by multi-tasking, but they must be very mundane things.  You might listen to a training recording while opening and sorting junk mail.  But if either task requires your undivided attention to complete, no multi-tasking allowed.

What you can do to accomplish more:

Identify Your Time Wasters

Time Management = Time Freedom

Identify Time Wasters

As we talked about earlier this week, we all have the same amount of time each day and each week.  How we use this time most often determines our success and satisfaction in life.

Time wasters can be both frustrating and distracting.  In fact, studies have shown that if your concentration is removed from a task it can take fifteen to thirty minutes to get back on track. And even more time is lost if the interruption was dramatic! Yikes!

One of the most important time management tasks you can undertake is to identify your time wasters.  These time wasters can be people, tasks, habits, things, your own personality quirks, etc. that get in the way of being more effective with your time.

Time Management equals Time Freedom

In the beginning…there was time

Who among us would not want more time in a day, week, month, or year?   Since that is virtually impossible, this week we will look at ways to maximize the time that we do have.

Each one of us has the same number of hours in our days.  What we do with those hours is as individual and unique as our personalities and fingerprints!   During this week we will look at various aspects of time, time management, time freedom, and today…even the ancient meanings of time.

Executive Coaching…From Inertia to Action to Accountability

What one job do Executive Coaches perform that their clients feel bring them the most value?   Accountability!

Executives and business owners lead very busy lives on many levels.  There are business, social, civic, as well as family responsibilities that keep them constantly on the run.

Doesn’t it seem that some people appear to have more time than others?  Or maybe they just use their time more wisely.  Either way, we all have the same 24 hours in each day, of which, we are only awake and active 18 hours or less.

An Executive Coach will:

  • Teach you how to move from inertia to action
  • Make sure you have specific, meaningful, and targeted goals
  • Ask you about the deadlines and timeframes for these goals
  • Hold you accountable for reviewing, revising, and reaching goals
  • Teach you how to move from inertia to action to accountability

Let us help get you or your management team focused on winning results.   Let us help you reach and celebrate success!  Call 901-757-4434.