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A Day for Giving Thanks

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day here in the USA.

While to most people it is a day of family get together and stuffing ourselves with a turkey and dressing and all the other delights, it should be more.

The more is the fact we all need to set and reflect upon the past and the present. To be thankful for what we have and especially any special relationships you have made during the years. For me this is easy as I think about my family especially my wife and my two wonderful kids, er, young adults – well to me they are still my kids!

And, I for one want to give thanks to all our customers and friends we have had the honor and privilege of working with over the past three decades. Thank you so much for the opportunities to learn and to teach others how to move to their next level of success.

So, on this day of thanks – THANK YOU and may you have a Great Day.

It’s Time to Give Thanks

Today, I just wanted to say Thanks. This is a big Thanks to all my clients – past and present – and in the future. We appreciate all the we have learned from our clients – applied research in some cases. Most importantly, we appreciate the opportunity to assist our clients in achieving their goals and objectives through the years.

It is important to show and give thanks for too many people and organizations are taking their customers and clients for granted. Even to the point of referring to the clients using slang or degrading code words.

Here’s a key point – Customers and Clients are People not cold organizations. Sure the checks come from an organization in most cases, yet, it is the people within the organization that make the decisions to call on us, and are the ones that we have the privilege to assist in different ways. When you are doing the things that you love, the passion used to assist others in improving their performance is truly an honor.

So as we approach the day for Thanksgivings – let me say to all our customers and clients – THANK YOU. We appreciate the honor to serve you.