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Personal Skills- The Key to Superior Performance

Research has proven that superior performers in all fields bring very specific things to the job. To start, they all are fulfilling their passion on the job.  A good example of this would be a librarian who has a strong desire for knowledge.  Every day they are surrounded by books and people who are seeking knowledge or information.  Another example is a person who is passionate about aesthetics.  They can fulfill their passion in careers such as architecture, interior design or jewelry sales.

In addition, superior performers tend to closely match the behavior necessary to execute the job’s key accountabilities; this is key to eliminating stress. When people are forced to adapt their behavior to perform key accountabilities, it can consume their energy.  When behavior matches the job, energy easily flows to the job and allows the individual to accomplish more.

Personal skills research studies of superior performers showed they all had an abundance of personal skills.  Often we think one or two personal skills make a person unique, and that alone could lead to superior performance.  The research identified that superior performers are unique in that they have above average personal skills in 17 or more clearly defined skills.  The research basically found superior performers to be above average in the following personal skill areas:

Conflict Management
Interpersonal Skills
Customer Service
Goal Orientation
Personal Effectiveness
Continuous Learning
Decision Making

If you want to identify how you rank on these personal skills, contact us at 901-757-4434 to learn about your natural strengths and weaknesses. Call today – we can get this information to you using the internet.