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Success is as Easy as 1-2-3

My recent article on the Three C’s to a Successful Life must have hit a hot button with you and a lot more folks! So, I thought, what else would be helpful to people seeking more success?

I remembered my friend Gary Blair a.k.a The Goals Guy and all the amazing work he has done for both individuals and organizations in leading success and achievement. Achievement is the trigger for success. The more you achieve relative to your goals and objectives in life, the better you feel about yourself. In fact, at that point you world takes on a new aura of happiness, success and positive feeling about yourself.

Therefore, I thought about how could I help you kick start your success over the next 3 months?

Want to Make Yourself Indispensable?

Many people think they are indispensable.  Most people are not!     The workforce of today and tomorrow requires skill sets and mind sets that will be instrumental to personal and business success.

Here are 16 creative ways to make you indispensable.  If not to your current employer, to someone else who is looking for new talent.

1.     Never stop learning!

2.     Ability to get along with a broad range of personality types

3.     Teach others by sharing your knowledge

4.     Speak only in positive terms

5.     Build coalitions

6.     Raise your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

7.     Volunteer to assist others

8.     Communicate effectively, timely, and in a positive manner

9.     Look for the good in others

10.   Lose the bad moods… or at least have them privately

11.   Have a smile in your voice


13.  Offer a hand, a shoulder, a solution

14.  Take the initiative

15.  Be aware of positive branding

16.  Know your brand and make sure others know it too

A good personal coach can help you bring out your talents.  Let us help facilitate that process.  For more information on our personal coaching program call us at 901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036.

Success is Not a Stop Sign

I just read a great article by Robert Kiyosaki in the September 2010 issue of Success Magazine.  His article is written on the Law of Compensation and offers some great advice via personal stories. Mr. Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is a phenomenal book!

Mr. Kiyosaki reminds us of two very succinct success mantras:

  1. Winners never quit and quitters never win.
  2. Success is not a stop sign.

Robert Kiyosaki’s article is hyperlinked here.   Enjoy!

Need Social Proof? What the Heck is That?

Companies, people, and products can all benefit from the psychological phenomenon known as Social Proof.  It is human psychological nature to lend credence to the opinions of how other people view products, people, and things.  Especially when these other people appear successful!

In business terms we could say, “People buy from people they like.”    And even if you cannot make an informed decision due to lack of knowledge about the person selling or the product itself, the “herd mentality” allows us to see what other people are buying or from whom they are buying.

Why InnerActive Consulting Group?

Before you ask yourself “why” should I engage with InnerActive Consulting Group, let’s look a bit deeper and find out “why” the consulting group chose this name?

First of all, this group had fifteen years of SUCCESS operating as Kaizen Performance Group in Memphis, Tennessee.  With this success came instant name recognition! But branding efforts flushed out the need for a name change since Kaizen could not be branded because another business as well as a quality initiative had previously claimed the Kaizen brand.

So…InnerActive Consulting Group was born.  The consultants here are truly catalysts for change.  And real change begins with “inner” thoughts and beliefs.  Inner thoughts migrate to the outer world in the form of taking action.

Equation:  Thoughts + Actions = Results
Hence:  InnerActive Consulting Group

With over twenty years of business- to- business consulting and B2B selling as well as personal development training, one of InnerActive Consulting Group’s primary principles remains “to work with beliefs to improve both life and work issues.”

…Getting You to the Next Level

Time to BREAKTHROUGH to the Next Level

As most of you know, our corporate slogan is…

Getting You to the Next Level.

Yet, while we are in our 22nd year of doing this, the current economic environment has had a major impact upon our business, our clients business and upon the lives of the great people we have worked with during the years. So, this weekend I was thinking about all the factors involved in the demise of the economy and its impact upon our friends and associates – I realized it is time to breakthrough to the Next Level.

The Phoenix Seminar is Alive and Well in Memphis, TN

Okay, a little self promotion today as we begin the three day journey of the Phoenix Seminar here in Memphis today. My only serious question for you is “Why aren’t you here today for the session?”

This is the primer personal development workshop that is based upon universal truths on achievement and succeeding in life. Since 1988, we have been offering this outstanding course here in Memphis and it continues to bring people in across the country. Why? Because it works! It is really that simple. From completely changing some people’s lives to just fine-tuning a person’s inner drive for success.

If you want to learn more about this outstanding workshop on success and achievement go to our website dedicated to it – Phoenix You will find a couple of videos to enlighten you about the results you can find. The first video is from the creator of the Phoenix Seminar – Brian Tracy. He shares the holistic and balanced approach of the three day process.

The second video has the executive team from a Chemical Company in the Northeast that recognized the power of the process and offered the workshop to their entire organization. (One of several organizations that decided this one seminar could provide a competitive advantage from motivated employees.) You will hear from the CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Operations, VP of Human Resources and they will tell you the  many benefits they received from having their entire team participate.

If you want to regain the winners edge or kick start the inner drive for success, check out this process and get the answers to this question – How to Succeed in Life? The answers are here, are you? Watch the site for the posting of the next session in 2010.

Success and Character – Part One

Character is the twelfth C in the twelve part series of the C’s of Success. Part one covers individual character which is the cornerstone of all personal success in the long term. Low character individuals can and do have short term success, however, the truth of their methods usually catches up to them. They are then and forever considered – unsuccessful.

Character can be considered the ultimate indicator of true success at both the individual and organizational level. Character can dramatically separate individuals and others to see them as unique. This perception is sometimes the only thing that separates the individual from others in the eyes of customers, managers and peers.

What is Character?

Success and Commitment

Commitment is the eleventh C in the twelve part series of the C’s of Success.

Commitment is the one factor or element that truly separates individuals and organizations. The individuals who understand the value of commitment will flourish with purpose and positive outcomes – the ones who hold back on commitment will seldom reach their full potential. And if there is one thing I hear more often from leaders – I wish we had more commitment. Interesting the impact of commitment.

What is Commitment?

The dictionary defines commitment as…

Success and Courage

Courage is the tenth C in the twelve part series of the C’s of Success.

Courage can be considered the catalyst for getting higher levels of performance. It really is about the willingness to take a calculated risk to get the higher returns. Without courage, individuals and organizations would be under performing on a regular basis.

What is Courage?