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Can You Stay on Task? The 4 D’s Can Help

Author and motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, was at a conference many years ago and met Kop Kopmeyer, an expert in the field of success. Kopmeyer studied and researched the principles of success for more than fifty years. Tracy asked him, “Of the 1,000 success principles you discovered, what is the most important?” Without hesitation Kopmeyer replied, “Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.”

Wow! Here are my 4 D’s to Success:

Succeeding in a High Unemployment Market

What’s Driving This Unemployment?

We are undoubtedly in tough financial times and a very uncertain job market. But have you noticed that some people continue to find great new jobs or land incredibly large new client business. Are these people luckier than most or have they laid the proper groundwork?

Their success is probably a combination of proper groundwork and proper belief alignments. Will we ever return to the spending excesses of the recent past? Many experts say “no”. Some experts assert that this particular financial downturn has been so severe and so debilitating that consumers will never return with the same confidence as in the past. This downturn in spending likely means a tighter job market and high unemployment rates. Ouch!

An excellent way to prepare your self for continued employment is to think of yourself as being self-employed. But you work for a company or corporation, you say? Most of us are employed by either small or large businesses.