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Success is as Easy as 1-2-3

My recent article on the Three C’s to a Successful Life must have hit a hot button with you and a lot more folks! So, I thought, what else would be helpful to people seeking more success?

I remembered my friend Gary Blair a.k.a The Goals Guy and all the amazing work he has done for both individuals and organizations in leading success and achievement. Achievement is the trigger for success. The more you achieve relative to your goals and objectives in life, the better you feel about yourself. In fact, at that point you world takes on a new aura of happiness, success and positive feeling about yourself.

Therefore, I thought about how could I help you kick start your success over the next 3 months?

The Three “C’s” to a Successful Life

One of the hottest topics these days is about success. Seems a lot of people are trying to figure out how to be successful at work, at play or at home.

First thing is I admire the people who take a moment in their valuable time space to think about success. The truth is you are hard-wired for success, yet, sometime gets in the way. Distraction is the most common thing getting in our pathway to success – especially those of us who are continuously multi-tasking under the false assumption of being more productive. 🙁

When I began to think more about success I found a ton of information on the topic and got a little overwhelmed with the process of learning about success. Thanks goodness one of my natural strengths is problem solving and another strength is to simplify the complex into usable steps.

Those I discovered the 3 “C’s” to a Successful Life. This includes all the different “at’s” you desire doing for success . 🙂

Five Methods to Reduce Your Stress Levels

As one of the lucky people of the world, I get to hang out with a number of high performers in all the functional areas of business and life. One of the interesting things I have learned is how well the real high performers in life gain control of their emotional world – thus reducing their stress levels.

As an observer and practitioner of some of these habits – yes they are habits, actually success habits used by the high performers – I have seen the different methods they use.

So here are five methods you can use to reduce the stress level in your live – what is really cool is they are simple to implement. Here are the five methods…

Eight Self-Inflicted Barriers to Your Success

While doing some self reflection and thinking about several of my coaching clients, I realized we can have self-inflicted barriers to our own success. It was kind of a “DUH or AHA” moment and I felt it was important enough to share with others.

Here are the eight self-inflicted barriers to our own success…

Story about Winning, Persistence and Lessons Learned

Sitting and musing about the past, the current and the future today. As I was thinking about how the things we do influence our outcomes in life, I was first reminded of an experience back in the late 70’s when I was first learning to snow ski.

Seems our trip coordinators offered a race course for our tour group to race. Two racers at a time and you could race as many times as you wanted within a the allotted time period. The winner with the faster time would receive their very own case of Coor’s Beer at the party that night. (This was back when Coor’s beer was truly outstanding and only available in certain states.)

While I wasn’t driven by the Beer 🙂 I was driven by the competition with my best friend. He was an Auburn guy and I was an LSU guy so we had to compete for the glory of our schools.

We went head to head at least five times during the time allotted for racing the course. And, we got faster and faster as we ran the course since neither of us wanted to come in second. And, due to the competitive nature of our racing – I scored the fastest time of the event.

And, while I enjoyed the win and actual celebrating with my buddy as we enjoyed the progress we had both made by focusing on the goal of winning, I didn’t realize at the moment the major life lesson being taught from this fun time on the ski mountain.

Seven Things to Learn from Failure

Earlier I talked about four ways to deal with failure. And, one of the ways to deal with failure was to learn from the failure. Yet, several people have asked me “exactly what do I learn from a failure?”

Good question as some felt it only learning to accept failure or the reason was only them.

The really is there are at least seven things we can learn from any failure. It is our role to discover the answers to these primary seven learning points. These answers form the reasons why the failure occurred so it is critical to your personal growth. So here are the primary seven…

Five New Jobs for Top Managers and Leaders

Got to thinking about how the business world has been turned upside down over the past three years and how the new “norms” are beginning to take shape. Then, my thoughts expanded into what new roles will the managers and leaders of organizations need to add if they truly want their people to excel and return higher levels of results?

Here are five new jobs (and old jobs for the forward thinkers in the group) for managers and leaders to guide their organizations into the new business world. And, don’t kid yourself or deny the business world has not changed – because it has. And, change will be a consistent part of your future landscape.

So, here are five new jobs for you to think about and work into your current routines and success habits.

Engagement Means Working “In the Flow”

We all know that when we are “in the flow” we experience increased performance.  This is as true in business as it is true in sports.  Our creativity, problem solving, task management, and learning are enhanced.

Flow does not mean doing the same thing every day very well.  Although much of life as well as our work does require a bit of routine and sameness, a good by-product of being an engaged employee is the ability to step outside of the comfort zone and into greater creativity. 

Employee Engagement is Energy …Not Satisfaction

Engagement is about commitment.   Passionate commitment!  Employee engagement is not the touchy-feely stuff or positive thinking mantras.  It is not job satisfaction.   Think about this…. Sometimes people are satisfied doing “nothing”.  Is that what you really want?

Engagement at the leadership level is paramount!   Studies show that employee disengagement is four (4) times higher for employees who work for a disengaged manager or supervisor.  Think about the hard and soft dollar costs of this disengagement scenario!