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Spiritual Intelligence… The 12 Qualities

In an earlier post we looked at Spiritual Intelligence from the definition and comparison perspective.  As stated earlier, Danah Zohar coined the term in 1997.

Danah Zohar further developed the concept and principles of Spiritual Intelligence with Ian Marshall with whom she co-authored the book, “SQ:  Ultimate Intelligence”. Zohar and Marshall identified what they determine to be the twelve qualities of Spiritual Intelligence.  These are:

The Art of Effective Networking

This blog comes to you after I read a quote this morning:

“Being a promiscuous networker who collects cards without relationships is a dead-end.”   Pam Lassiter

What a great way of saying that networking “effectively” means developing meaningful relationships!   Let’s look at the meaning of the word, promiscuous.   We all have our own notions and memories of what the word means from lectures and horror stories in high school.

How May I Help You?

In the drunken greed of the 1990s and 2000s, it looked as if customer service and servant leadership might take a nosedive and stay down in popularity. Most political and business pundits are now saying that we will not – any time soon- return to the spending and thinking habits of the last few decades. The economy has taken a severe beating and will likely require a long recovery. Many economists are saying the economy may never recover to the levels we have known in the past.

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.”
–Max De Pree

Ways to Develop a Charismatic Leadership Style

Charisma is similar to Servant Leadership in that many of the traits seem to be inherent.   While these traits can be developed, many of the traits seem to be inborn.  As is often the case with Servant Leadership, being a charismatic leader seems to be simply “who they are.”

Yet, you can develop your charismatic leadership style in several ways. Here are the ones our clients have found useful for them…

Inspiration versus Motivation

Wow!  I just sat in on some training by Dr. Lance Secretan.  He has just written the book, “The Spark, The Flame, and The Torch”.

The book is about leadership by inspiration.  Below is one of the take-aways from the book review:

The CASTLE Principles :

C ourage

A uthenticity

S ervice

T ruthfulness

L ove

E ffectiveness

Later this week we will look at the opposite of these principles/values.