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Emotional Intelligence 201

In previous blogs, we have looked at EQ in many ways, especially as it relates to healthy and happy relationships- both at work and at home.  Most of Emotional Intelligence is based on Self-Knowledge and Self-Regulation.   These two strengths are the building blocks of EQ.

Researchers have confirmed what Human Resource professionals have known for quite some time.  One’s level of emotional intelligence is a great predictor of success at work as well as a measurement of healthy and productive relationships and leadership abilities.

Research has also shown that EQ is the second most important factor in job performance, only behind cognitive intelligence.

EQ assessments will become more and more important to a high functioning team.  InnerActive Consulting Group has EQ assessments.   Please call us now to discuss how we can help you gage the level of EQ on your team.  We can also help you increase your EQ numbers.  We can help get you to the next level!   901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036

What Can Enhanced Leadership Energy Do For You?

Greater Emotional Intelligence (EQ) enhances one’s life immensely. Our bodies and minds are energy systems. Have you ever walked into a room of people and felt hostility immediately? That’s energy. Have you been in the presence of someone who immediately makes you feel a strong sense of peace and serenity? That is energy. Have you walked into an empty room and felt peace? That’s lingering energy. What about an empty room that feels hostile? That is also lingering energy.

Let’s define EQ. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand emotions, particularly one’s own emotions. “Know thyself”, proclaims the ancient Greek aphorism. Self-awareness and self-regulation are the first two tenets of EQ.

Some of the benefits of Higher Emotional Intelligence: