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Your Mindset Impacts Your Performance

Quote from Frank Lloyd Wright

Recently I got this tweet from Brian Tracy and I enjoyed it for three reasons.

First, Brian Tracy is one of my mentors in life and business. I enjoyed learning about business and personal growth for Brian and his organization – Brian Tracy International (which was known as Productivity & Profit Improvement Associates during the majority of the time I was actively engaged with this group.). From Brian I learned the importance of reading and the importance of launching on your ideas. He is still a friend and a mentor today.

B in Breakthrough equals Belief

Today begins the twelve part series on learning how to Breakthrough to the Next Level.

B in Breakthrough equals Belief

Belief is the starting point for every breakthrough in your life. It is this simple – if you believe it will probably happen. If you do not believe, it probably will not happen. No rocket science here, just necessary soft skill that leads directly to hard results.

Let me explain my point about a soft skill leading directly to hard results.

Beliefs Influence Our Level of Discipline

Beliefs influence your level of discipline. These same beliefs impact your level of execution and therefore your level of success.

Interesting how most things that are important to us begin with our own beliefs. The results of beliefs on our results can be either positive or negative. The term “self-limiting beliefs” describes the negative impact that some beliefs have on our results.

Have you ever tested your beliefs? These are the deep beliefs that influence our actions in positive ways or negative ways.

Self-Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Most people have no idea that their thoughts are the reason for a lack of high performance or goal achievement. These little messages inside our own heads continue to plague our performance and our execution.

Self-limiting beliefs are at the core of the issue. You could call it programming for lack of success. And, the interesting thing is in most cases the belief started due to an innocent statement or a “helpful” comment from a friend or relative. Yes, helpful people – who were authority figures at the time – buried a thought deep in our subconscious mind. And, that thought has limited our performance ever since.

Some people have told me at this time that I must be “off my rocker” when making a statement like this. Well, I may be “off my rocker” on a number of things – but this is not one of them. The truth is found in how the brain works. Emotional information, phrases or statements get stored in our mind and sit there or actually influence our actions and responses to certain stimulus. In other words, our actions are influenced by our subconscious thoughts.

These thought are triggered at some of the worst possible moments – a salesperson calling on new prospect – thought trigger is “be wary of strangers!” and the sales person loses confidence and creates issues so the salesperson can get away from the prospect; an employee is about to work on a company critical project – a thought trigger is “you never complete anything!” and the employee struggles to finish the project on time.

Thoughts are also influence and are present in other areas of our life – health issues, weight issues, social skills, ability to write or speak, make a certain golf shot – they are impacting our results every day. So, what are you doing about these thoughts?

Ignoring them is not a correct answer, they are present in your subconscious mind and influencing everything you do. Some are helping and others are hurting you.

If you want to take a proactive position in dealing with your subconscious beliefs – you need to contact my partner – Robin Graham. She is an expert at assisting people in overcoming the limiting effects of their thoughts. Creating a new Mindset for Success – and controlling or reprogramming those pesky subconscious thoughts into helpful influences.

The key is for your to take control of your life and your outcomes. Call our office at 901-757-4434 or go to our store site and register for Robin’s upcoming June 25-26 Basic Workshop in Memphis. Be a winner and take control of your thoughts and your performance.