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Eight Self-Inflicted Barriers to Your Success

While doing some self reflection and thinking about several of my coaching clients, I realized we can have self-inflicted barriers to our own success. It was kind of a “DUH or AHA” moment and I felt it was important enough to share with others.

Here are the eight self-inflicted barriers to our own success…

T in Breakthrough equals Trust

This the sixth part of the twelve part series on learning how to Breakthrough to the Next Level.

T in Breakthrough equals Trust

The T was a hard selection of terms due to several words that are meaningful for every breakthrough in your life. The first word that came to mind was Time as in Time Management. You must be prepared to manage your time effectively and efficiently to master any change in life. I also considered the word Thinking. Thinking is one of the traits that more people should engage in for improving their lifestyles and executing performance through life obstacles. Yet, the final decision was Trust. Here is the reasons for this choice…

Success and Confidence

The third element of the C’s of Success Series is Confidence.

Confidence is a term that is used a great deal and yet seems to be misunderstood when it comes to execution at both the personal and organizational levels. Let’s take a look at this key term and see what it means to us.

What is Confidence?

Eye Contact gives others confidence when you speak

Today I want to share a tip when you are presenting your ideas – in a speech, sales presentation, leading a meeting or having a one on one discussion with someone.  The tip is very simple – Make Eye Contact with Others while you speak.

While working with clients I have seen very smart people get ignored by others or question their competency due to a total lack of eye contact. The worst case is people talking with their heads down – not necessarily reading anything, just staring down while they speak – and others lose interest in listening.

Discipline Determines Your Success

In this day and age of fast paced gadgets and ADD marketing buzz, could it be that good old discipline really determines your level of success? Could Discipline be the real bottom-line for Success – period?

My believe is that discipline is the key determinant to mine and your level of success. There are several reasons that discipline is the master key to your success.