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Is Your Sales Team an “A” Team?

During these economic times, revenue generation and growth have become the number one topic in corporate offices. A better question to be asking now is – Do We Have an “A” Level Sales Team? Assuming that you have an “A” team, then sales growth and sustainable revenue levels should be a given. A Sales Team loaded with “A” players knows how to win.

So how do Sales Executives know that they have “A” players on the team? Well, first they can sell during good and bad times. They are students of selling and are at the front of the line for sales training – product and technique based learning. And, they have an inner drive – sometimes referred to as a winner’s edge – that gives them the persistence and ability to pursue business in the face of adversity. Also, adversity does not slow these winners – it challenges them to become more creative and find new advantages to use to secure business.